Trying to conquer the world at 27

This is the point where I am supposed to introduce myself and explain my entire life story, and in return, I hope to gain millions of followers and quit my day job. Unfortunately, I am not going to explain my entire life because there is too much that most people really do not need to know. My name is Isabella Fernandes, soon to be Mrs. Isabella Borrow. I am 27 years old and going through my mid-twenties breakdown about life and where I am supposed to be compared to everyone else I know. Because 27 is all of a sudden a whole hell of a lot closer to 30 than 26 was. So I recently decided to start a blog in hopes that my insomnia will take a backseat to life and I can actually go to bed at a decent hour. Unlike when I was 21 I prefer to go to bed before 4 in the morning.

I recently graduated from college with a bachelors in business management, and just like every other person my age who had no idea what to go to college for but we have always just been told we need to go to college to do something great with our lives. After graduation, I decided to get my real estate license and sell houses. So now at this point I am shocked I don’t have a drinking problem between waiting tables, managing 35 servers and bartenders and selling homes. Needless to say, I actually became a psychiatrist at some point, and I was completely unaware. I thought I was going to graduate college, end up with a fantastic job offer and be on the cover of Forbes by 30. At this point, I have applied for probably close to 200 jobs and paid someone a decent amount of money to rewrite my resume in hopes that would help all to get 200 rejection letters later. Although getting email after email saying they have chosen another candidate, I just keep applying and keep going. The job market is hard, and unfortunately, to even be a janitor at the high school you need a masters degree and nine years of experience scrubbing toilets. It doesn’t help that I have changed my mind a hundred times on what I want to be when I grow up. I changed my major over ten times in college, anything from a hairdresser to a nurse, to becoming a wedding planner. Thank god I missed the wedding planner boat, after I get done with my wedding I will gladly only be a guest from now on, and I will not be offended if you don’t ask me to stand up with you.

Who knows what this will really turn into, maybe just a place to vent or possibly a pretty decent blog about life. More than likely nothing about cooking because that is my fiance’s gig, I’ll be lucky to cook anything besides scrambled eggs on any given day. All I know is today I looked around and became scared at the thought of leaving my comfort zone to actually have a career. Granted nothing is set in stone but to be on my third interview with a company is scary. All the possibilities that it could turn into are exciting, but I am scared shitless to leave everything I have ever known. I am great at my job, I have a work family, I get to see my dad every day and help him with things. The thoughts of leaving all of that scare the hell out of me, but if I don’t start somewhere, I’ll never be on Forbes cover of 30 under 30. We all end up where we are supposed to for a reason, regardless if we see it right away or not.

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