It takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make a lifestyle change. After a long heart to heart with my fiance, we decided it’s time for a lifestyle change. Positivity is something that can be challenging, no one wakes up every day so happy they can barely contain themselves. We looked at our relationships not only with each other but with other people, and personally, it seems a little grim. People start complaining, and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, it is how most of us are wired. We decided we need to be healthier, be more positive and talk better about each other. It’s time to be more supportive and help push each other to better goals, not only with mindset but lifestyle as well.

We talked about a few things that made us realize we want more for life, more for each other. We want to build new habits and find habits that not only make us happier but habits that we can rub off on other people. We’ve had a rough go in parts of our relationship, I tend to be more vocal, and he’s more reserved. I tend to voice my frustrations, sometimes a little more vocal than just in our relationship. I’ve learned I need to be a better person and a little more positive about things that shouldn’t be a huge deal. I’ve also learned sometimes the people you feel you should be able to share everything with maybe aren’t actually those people.

So, here is to 21 days that will turn into 90 and it will become a lifestyle, not just a habit.

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