2020-The year of the unexpected

A lot has changed since I wrote last, I was married in August, became pregnant shortly after. We went to Colorado for Christmas, celebrated New Years at home. February my husband broke his leg, and in March we had an amazing baby shower. One week later the whole nation changed as we knew it and would forever go down in history. There was only one other time in my life time that something impacted us so strongly as a nation and that was 9/11. Anyone who was alive that day remembers where they were the moment we found out those planes had hit the first tower. It shaped our nation in a way we never thought possible, we lost so many lives that day and so many for the following years because of the war that would start because of it. In February we were already learning of a deadly virus over seas that would eventually make its way over to the US. It was something none of us understood, we didn’t know what would happen or if we would be affected worse. Symptoms kept evolving and people who they said would be safe were dying. By the beginning of March states started to go into lockdown to try and help stop the spread. New York had become completely overwhelmed, thousands of people dying and they couldn’t keep up. We were slowly learning that Michigan would now be the next hotspot and Detroit would be hit worse than any other part of Michigan. As the month of March continued more things were shut down schools, restaurants, salons, manufacturing and even playgrounds. By the end of the month we were on a stay home order and could only leave for food and work if you were an essential employee. Our lives had changed, people were scared, grocery stores couldn’t keep up with demand. The stores ran out of toilet paper for months, which to this day I still do not understand the need to collect toilet paper. We were told to wear mask and gloves and then told not too. If you were six feet from people they couldn’t give it to you. We were told to wipe all packages and groceries before bringing them into the house. All of this was going on and I was pregnant, and not just kind of pregnant but 34 weeks by the time everything shut down. From what we knew if I were to get sick it wouldn’t spread to the baby. We were also told I wasn’t anymore at risk than a normal person, thankfully. Doctors appointments became something I had to do alone, something that broke my heart because Josh was always there and made sure to be apart of it. He was excited, we were having a little girl that would eventually steal his heart. I was scared, I couldn’t have anyone else in the hospital except my husband. I never planned to have everyone there but I did plan for my mother. We heard rumors that they might limited it to just the mother having the baby. I was terrified, I couldn’t have my first baby alone! What if something happened to me or to the baby, I would be alone or she would be. Who would make decisions about our lives if we needed it? Thankfully life never came to that point and Josh was aloud with me in the delivery room. We were blessed with our daughter Ainsley Marie Borrow three weeks early. She was happy and healthy, I had a great delivery and we would be on our way home before we knew it. I would learn the hard reality of having a baby in a pandemic and the emotional toll there would be.

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